Membership & Community FAQs

How do I Join?

Select which package you would like here.

Once joined you will get a page which will have all the links and details you need to join the groups to receive tips. If you come off this, please just log back in, then in the bottom right hand corner of the website click the word 'DOWNLOAD' and it will open up that page again for you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you are not tied in to any contracts and can cancel at anytime.

What bookmakers should I use?

We are not affiliated with any bookmakers but member feedback is that they typically prefer using Bet365 and Skybet.

How does the points system work?

As part of the service we recommend using a points system which enables all of our members to bet following a structured system. This system means they know how much to stake on each tip relevant to their own betting banks. We will not tell you how much to bet as everyone financial situation is different which is why the point system works .We start off with a 100 point betting bank, view this 100 points as an initial investment which you are happy to use to fund your bets. So say this amount is £500, we simply divide £500 by 100 to get £5. That means each point has a money value of £5.

Do you get inside information or are tips based on analysis?

Yes, we do get inside information from various contacts that we have built up within the industry.
This comes from jockeys, trainers, assistant trainers and owners.

We also study our own form and stats, giving us a huge edge over all other tipping services.

What makes Off The Bridle different?

We get inside information knowing that the horse is fit, has improved at home and we know is trying on that given day.
We also back this up by our team of form and stats analysts.
This formula mirrors the profit in our results for members.

How often will I receive tips?

The majority of our tips will be sent out by midday each day with the occasional late tip throughout the course of the race day.
We aim to provide quality over quantity and at big prices when possible.

Will I win every day?

Unfortunately, no. This is the reason we cannot stress strongly enough to follow our points system.

There will be losing days, maybe the occasional week and rarely a losing month but following our staking plan protects your profits against any possible loss with no member ever losing their betting bank with us.

What is a MAX BET?

Max bets are our strongest bet and these do not come around daily. We use these bets to get money down for our contacts across multiple accounts, this is entirely risk and cost free to members. This service is explained before you opt in to receive the max bet once you’re a member of our UK racing service.

Do you have any race days?

We do organise days out at the races with members, also the admins and owners of Off The Bridle are in attendance to enjoy a day at the races as a community.

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